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Company Background

Inner Media, Inc. was established in 1985 with the purpose of creating innovative and highly-reliable software During the past 25 years Inner Media has released products such as DynaZip, SqueezePlay and Active Delivery. These developer libraries and utility sets are used by millions of people every day throughout the world and have been incorporated into thousands of commercial and proprietary applications.


DynaZip-NX, DynaZip Max, DynaZip Max Secure and DynaZip-GT are developer libraries that make it easy for Windows developers to incorporate Zip, UnZip, TAR and GZIP functionality into their products without having to create troublesome wrappers around executable programs. Developers worldwide have enjoyed using DynaZip?s proven set of feature-rich and reliable data compression libraries. Inner Media is proud to say that the DynaZip technology has withstood the test of time. In fact, many developers continue to use DynaZip version 3.0 which was discontinued over 12 years ago and replaced by DynaZip version 4.0 and then most recently by DynaZip versions 5.0 and 6.0.

DynaZip technology is used by Microsoft Corp. and for many years it has been directly incorporated into the Desktop and Server versions of the Windows Operating Systems. DynaZip technology implements the compression engine behind the Windows Zip Folder user interface which allows users to view, extract-from and create ZIP files that are managed as compressed folders.

DynaZip Max Secure supports PKWARE’s Secure ZIP AES symetrical encryption format and is also capable of reading the WinZIP AES encrypted format.


SqueezePlay accelerates IIS HTTP traffic by applying real-time dynamically-adjusting gzip compression to standard Web content such as HTML, JavaScript, Plain Text, XML, and PDF. SqueezePlay also reduces the footprint of images (GIF, PNG, JPG) appearing on a web page. Reduction is accomplished by systematically applying several image manipulation techniques to minimize an image?s color set, dither its content or convert it from one base type to another (such as JPG to PNG). SqueezePlay is used by many organizations around the world to save on bandwidth costs and speed up HTTP content flow.

Active Delivery

Active Delivery is a Windows software developer?s library and utility suite for creating self-extracting Zip executables. Active Delivery includes .NET Component, ActiveX Component, DLL and VCL programming interfaces and ready-to-use utilities for creating Self-extracting Zip executables. Ultra-Fast, multi-threaded functions. .NET ready, Reliable and extremely easy to use. Active Delivery is .NET, ASP, ASPX and ActiveX / COM compatible and can be used with virtually all programming languages and Active Server Page scripts.

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